Welcome to NewCo Lisboa - November 10th & 11th

The startup hub, capital and location of the Web Summit is now also hosting NewCo. Lisbon is known for its wide variety in entrepreneurship and multinationals, its relaxed southern vibe and beautiful light “a luz the Lisboa”. The capital of Lisbon has representatives in all important industries: tech, social and the industrial and tourism business. Natural beauty, eclectic culture and positive policies toward innovation make Lisbon one of the cities to watch in Europe.

Relax and ride in style! Learn more about Mini Ride and Drive NewCo Tours. Choose between 5 different tour themes (Corporate Innovation, Culture & Teams, Social & Cultural, Tech or Entrepreneurial Hubs) test drive a Mini and meet like minded people as you navigate Lisboa and NewCo.


NewCo Portugal

Portugal’s Finest Invite You Inside Their Company Headquarters

Bringing a new innovative inside-out business festival, for the first time in Portugal. NewCo connects people to mission driven companies, enabling them to form collaborations, partnerships and new deals. The most innovative companies in Portugal are opening their doors to give you an inside peek into what makes them successful and what drives them. Are you curious what Portugal has to offer? Join us in one of these five cities this fall!

  • John Battelle Explains the NewCo Experience

    The NewCo Experience

    Since 2012, NewCo festivals have welcomed over 30,000 attendees into the offices of 1,500 innovative organizations. Attending a NewCo festival is a remarkable experience! It’s like a passport into the true culture of businesses changing the face of cities as diverse as Istanbul, Mexico City, New York, Austin, San Francisco, Barcelona, and Shanghai. Our "inside out" model is simple: Pick your city. Get your ticket. Choose which companies you want to explore.

  • The Dots: A portfolio platform for the creative industries

    The Dots — a professional network for creatives

    NewCo talks with Pip Jamieson, founder of The Dots. The UK-based online network helps companies find talent, and gives creatives a place to post portfolios and find job opportunities from companies like MTV, Spotify, and others. “I really believe that creativity is a force for good,” Jamieson says. “Soon machines are going to drive, code, do our laundry … The last things humans are going to be good for is creativity. So, we help harness that community.”