Bem-vindo ao NewCo Braga - 18 de outubro

Welcome to NewCo Braga - October 18th

Braga tem uma história marcada por várias indústrias: têxtil, imobiliária e também algumas grandes empresas globais. Quando a crise europeia emergiu em 2008, os bracarenses começaram a procurar formas criativas de fazer dinheiro e uma comunidade vibrante de startups nasceu. Hoje, existem várias startups globais que começaram em Braga, bem como uma cultura empresarial sólida e estabelecida.

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Braga has a history of several main industries: think textile, real estate and also some big global engineering companies. As the European crisis emerged in 2008, the people of Braga were looking for more creative ways to make money and their vibrant startup community emerged. There are now several global startups that started here, as well as an established business culture.

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For the 3rd year in a row, MINI NewCo Portugal is the conference "on the go" that will drive you to the most innovative startups and mission-based organizations in Portugal. They will open their doors to show you new management practices, ways to manage organizations, disruptive business models and the most creative products. And, for a whole day, you'll go on a ride with a MINI around your city to visit the 3 or 4 companies within the tour you've chosen.

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