Bem-vindo ao NewCo Porto - 5 de dezembro

Welcome to NewCo Porto - December 5th

A cidade do Porto tem um sem-número de coisas para oferecer: cultura reconhecida mundialmente, comida fantástica e, além disso, um panorama de startups cada vez mais notável. Investidores locais e internacionais são atraídos ao Porto pela sua vibe empreendedora única – e a proximidade (dentro) da comunidade que inspira qualquer um.

Aproveita a oportunidade e junta-te ao NewCo Porto para veres pelos teus próprios olhos!

Vê aqui os outros locais onde o NewCo Portugal vai estar presente.

The original port city of Portugal has a lot to offer: world renowned culture, amazing food and wine and on top of that an amazing startup scene. Local and international investors are drawn to the city of Porto for its unique entrepreneurial vibe, with a close community that will inspire you.

Grab this chance to join NewCo in Porto and see for yourself!

To find out more information on the different Portugal cities hosting festivals this fall, visit our main Portugal Festival Page.

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NewCo Portugal

Portugal’s Finest Invite You Inside Their Company Headquarters

Bringing a new innovative inside-out business festival, for the first time in Portugal. NewCo connects people to mission driven companies, enabling them to form collaborations, partnerships and new deals. The most innovative companies in Portugal are opening their doors to give you an inside peek into what makes them successful and what drives them. Are you curious what Portugal has to offer? Join us in one of these five cities this fall!

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